Example – Export Data to Excel in PHP


Export data feature is very useful where the data list need to be saved on the computer for offline used. Export data functionality makes your web application user-friendly and helps the user to maintain list data. Excel is the best format to Export data in a file and you can easily export data to Excel using PHP.

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to export data to Excel in PHP. Our simple PHP script lets you implement export data to excel functionality. By one click, the user can export data to Excel and download it in a .xls file.

Here is the data array ($data) and we will export these data to Excel using PHP.

We have created filterData() function for filter string provided by the data array.

$fileName variable hold the name of file for download and also content header is defined for download.

Now we have run loop through each key/value pair in $data. Using of $flag variable we will display column names as first row. array_walk() is used to filter the data together with filterData() function.

Full script is given below.


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