How to build SEO friendly backlinks 2017


Are backlinks still relevant in 2017: Is building backlinks SEO friendly?

There are many controversies in online communities that the process of  building backlinks safely is losing their importance after Google’s penguin and other updates.

They say because nowadays Google started penalizing those websites which are manipulating its algorithm by doing heavy link building and other spam techniques.

According to Google’s algorithms, Backlinks are still the most important part of ranking factor and due to which site owners indulge them in building thousands of links without knowing how to build quality SEO friendly backlinks safely.

In general, the number of backlinks is not important rather the quality of backlinks matters! Therefore, whenever either you build links yourself or hire a professional, always do know the right way of link building. It is very necessary that the link building trick must be Google friendly.

No Spamming >>

After Many Google’s updates it is clear that if you do something bad, your site will going to be penalized thus don’t ever think to do spam.

In the early days of SEO, link builders used to build links by submitting their links in thousands of web directories, article directories, Press releases etc and the surprising thing is these methods did work greatly but now things have got changed, Google became smart enough to track the spammers.

Therefore, build only quality backlinks from legitimate sources.

Avoid Anchor tag spam >>

Early SEO depended on the fact that more backlinks you get from high PR sites using a particular anchor tag can give you better rankings for that particular anchor tag. It was true for that age but now in the age of Penguin, you cannot do link spam.

If you build links using same anchor tag on thousands of website, there are likely to be caught by Google. Thus when you are building links, keep variation in anchor tags on different-different websites. This is the secret to safe link building process.

The idea is that your link should look natural because natural organic links help you rank better.

Can you buy organic backlinks that are safe?

YES! nowadays there are services that provide you backlinks from there reserve websites. These blogs range from PR1 tp PR9 in various niches and work as PBNs. You can buy links for very cheap prices starting from $1. What you get is an increase in rankings for your blog and thus organic traffic.

These links can give you an edge over your competitor and help you outrank your blog. You can use these for long-term blogging. These are best for event based and niche blogging. Learn more about buying backlinks here.

I personally use this service to buy natural backlinks for my amazon niche sites and so far they have worked wonders. Imagine, you get some high PR safe dofollow backlinks to your long term or event blog and what’s amazing is you also get $50 FREE added to your account if you use my personal link.

How to get backlinks for niche and amazon affiliate sites?

As the backlinks from these PBNs are safe and can be bought with the help of SEO experts, you can use them to boost event blogs, niche blogs and amazon affiliate sites.

These backlinks are cent percent SEO-friendly and has been used by many affiliate marketers. I personally use them to rank my niche sites.

Monitor your website’s backlink Profile 

Always monitor your backlinks using Free backlink checker tools to stay updated as who all are linking to you. If you find some spam sites are linking to your site, you can disavow those spam links using Google’s Link Disavow tool.

Avoid Spam sites 

When we are talking about how to build backlinks You might have heard that web directories and article directories are dead which is somehow true but if you are able to find the directories which manually approve every submission and only approve quality links then they can work well for you.

In most cases, I would prefer the paid web directories because they do review each submission seriously and add only legitimate sites and not the craps but free ones don’t even bother to maintain the site’s quality.

Therefore, even you want to do directories and article marketing, choose only the legitimate sites where you may build links but don’t do anchor tag spamming as I discussed in 2nd point.

My Personal Opinion 

I mostly avoid web directories because most of the directories over the web are built with similar kind of categories and similar architecture to thousands of other directories. And it gives a negative signal to Google. 

Get Links from Different C-Class IPs 

When you are building links you should take care this in mind that most of the links you build should not be from same C-class IP.

This is important because when you get backlinks from similar IPs, Google considers that you are running some link network to build links which can result into penalization of your blog.

Thus, while building links always check IPs of the websites from which you are yet to get links for your website.

Try to earn link instead of building 

This is something greater than all the other backlink strategy. It means to do something that other people would love to link to your blog, in that way you don’t actually build the link rather you earn it. Google loves these kinds of links which are added naturally.

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