PHP Voting System with With jQuery


In this tutorial, we are going to create a simple voting system using PHP and jQuery AJAX. In this system, a visitor can vote (either up or down vote) only once that will be restricted by their IP address.

In this example, we are having up and down vote handlers which are triggered on the event basis. This handler calls a PHP page via AJAX and sends voting parameters to it. In that PHP page, we will execute queries to update voting status in the database.

HTML Up Down Vote Buttons

This code contains PHP code for getting value for the up and down vote buttons attributes. These values will be varied based on the current voting status.

jQuery Voting Handler

This jQuery function calls PHP to update voting status based on the vote request of the visitors. And then, it calculates the current total votes and the vote status of the particular visitor by IP. The script is,

Update Voting with PHP

This code receives AJAX data-string and passes these values to database queries to update voting status.


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