PHP Shopping Cart Responsive Example


In this tutorial, we are going to create a shopping cart gallery page with responsive design using PHP. In a previous tutorial, we have seen shopping cart with multi tab. With a responsive design, the shopping cart page will be fluid to fit into any viewport.

In this example, we are achieving this responsive design with simple CSS. We are not using media query in this project. This example has two pages one for products list and the other for listing added cart items from the session as a gallery. The cart will have options to delete the individual product and also to clear the cart.

PHP MySQL Products List

This code is for retrieving products from MySQL database using PHP and displaying in a responsive gallery view. Since we are storing cart item in a session this code will start with a PHP session initialization.

PHP Shopping Cart Session

In this code, we are getting cart items from the session and displaying them in a gallery. Each item in this gallery will show a delete icon on the mouse over an item to clear an individual item from the session. And there will be a clear cart link to completely make the cart empty.


Some important styles are as follows to make the product and the cart gallery responsive.


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