Fully Responsive Menu with jQuery using CSS


Responsive design for our web page is used to make the page to be flexible for various screen sizes. Previously, we have seen about how to create responsive web page using CSS media queries.

In this example, we have a header menu component. We are going to make it responsive for two different screen sizes. By default, the header menu is listed in horizontal order. If the screen width goes less than 600 pixels then the menu will slide down in vertical order responsively.

Header Menu HTML

This code shows HTML for displaying header menu. It contains a list of menu items and an expand/collapse icon. This icon will be displayed only for smaller screens less than 600 pixels width.

jQuery Script to Slide Down Responsive Menu

If the screen size is smaller than 600 pixels, then the horizontal menu will be hidden. And we show the menu expand icon on the right side of the header. On clicking this icon the menu will be toggled using jQuery.


And the responsive styles are,


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