Example – jQuery Multiple File Upload with Progress bar Tutorial


In jQuery Multiple File Upload tutorial, I have covered how to implement Multiple File Upload with progress bar. I have used Upload File plugin for multiple file uploads.

Before starting the tutorial, we need to know the usage of jQuery Upload File Plugin.

jQuery Upload File Plugin Syntax:

url : Server URL which handles multiple file uploads.
method: Form method type. Default is “POST”.
enctype: Form enctype. Default is “multipart/form-data”.
formData: Extra data should be send with File.
allowedTypes : Allowed File extensions. Example: “jpg,png,gif”.
fileName : Input file name.
multiple : set true, for multiple file uploads.
onSuccess : this function is called when file upload is success.
onError : this function is called when file upload is failed.


Follow the below steps, to make jQuery Multiple File upload with progress-bar.

1). Add the Below code in head tag.

2). Add a div in the body to handle file uploads.

3). When the document is ready initialize the plugin.

Putting It All Together: multiplefileupload.html


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