WP e-Commerce is an e-Commerce plugin provided by Instinct Entertainment, A plugin that provides a WordPress Shopping Cart or all Downloadable products like mp3, pdf and etc, now you can turn your WordPress site into an e-Commerce or Shopping site, WP e-Commerce provided lots of built in widgets that you can drag to show it in your site sidebar like Latest Products Widget, Shopping Cart Widget, Product Specials Widget, Donations Widget, WP-e-Commerce Live Search where you can search products like in Apple site search and it’s amazing isn’t it? And many more, and one thing they forgot is the Featured Products and this time I will share you how to add Featured Products in your e-Commerce site.

In this tutorial we’re going to use shortcode.

Step 1:

Open functions.php in your theme directory or if you don’t have one please create functions.php file.

Step 2:

Copy and paste the PHP snippet below and paste it into yourfunctions.php, this script read all featured products that you’re being stared/featured.

Want to display product from a category?


Okay let’s define the functions we’re using above.

  • wpsc_the_product_title(): This will simply display the product title.
  • wpsc_the_product_thumbnail(): This function display the product thumbnail with size parameters.

How to use the shortcode?

To use the shortcode into your post, page or even in widget area just pastes this one line of code.

To add parameters, e.g. the numbers of post to display, update the code above to this.

See above for more shortcode parameters.

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