Creating Web Calendar with AJAX, PHP, and MySQL


Creating a calendar interface is easy in PHP. There are many date functions available in core PHP, I have used them to create a calendar UI in a web application. The functions for getting days/weeks count, weekday names, previous/next month dates are handy in creating the calendar view. The weekday names are displayed in the calendar header. I have displayed the month view by iterating the week count and the day count of the current month/year over nested loops.

In this example, we have a calendar class which contains functions to compute the calendar data by using the PHP date functions. Also, the calendar class functions prepare HTML for calendar header with navigation links, week names, and date cells. I create an instance for this class and get the calendar HTML to display in the demo web page.

PHP Class for Getting Calendar HTML

The following code shows the class.calendar.php file which contains functions to compute calendar data and return HTML. On loading page, I create an instance for this class to get the current month calendar HTML by using this class function. Further, I used jQuery script to send AJAX request to get the calendar data while navigating between previous and next months.

jQuery AJAX Call to Get Previous/Next Month Calendar

On clicking the forward and the backward arrow on the calendar header, an AJAX request is sent to a PHP file calendar-ajax.php by sending the previous or next month/year data. The PHP file returns calendar HTML based on the month and year passed as an AJAX response. In this example, we can input the year by changing the content of the editable year element to get the calendar HTML via AJAX.


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