Building Dynamic 5 Star Rating with PHP and jQuery


In this PHP tutorial, we are going to list database records and add a dynamic star rating to those records by using jQuery star rating script. We are having a group of stars for each database record. When we add the rating to a record, an AJAX call will be sent store the current rating to the database.

Display Star Rating for Database Results

This PHP code is for reading Database results and adding stars for each.

jQuery Functions to Store Rating

In this example code, we have same four jQuery functions. But, we have added additional code for calling PHP via AJAX on clicking rating stars. And also, we have added database row id reference to the “li” selectors for the unique identification of the rating. The functions are,

PHP MySQL Star Rating Update via AJAX

This PHP code will be executed via an AJAX request. This code runs an update query by receiving id and current rating from AJAX.


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